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+1 757-220-9300

3800 Greencastle Drive, Williamsburg, VA 23188
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  • Kimberly Knackstedt
    Jul, 07 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Our experience with Diamond began with a marketing pitch - 4 days, 3 nights at one of their locations and a free gift if we listened to the sales pitch. We’ve listened to a few for other timeshare options and we are interested, so thought we’d give it a shot. The corporate marketing placed us in a hotel - we thought a Diamond property since they were trying to sell us on that. Instead they placed us at an “affiliate,” the Wyndham Williamsburg Busch Gardens Area. The hotel was horrific - beds slept in, dirty, soaps used, cockroaches, and doors didn’t lock. Needless to say we left that night, but corporate was closed so we booked ourselves into the Powhatan Diamond property knowing we’d have the sales pitch the next day.

    We arrived at the sales location and immediately said we needed to get our hotel situation figured out. Our very nice sales representative got his manager who asked us if it was the sales rep’s fault (obviously not) then said he’d take care of it. After the two hour pitch, we again asked if we could get the hotel situation figured out before hearing about the price of the package they were offering for new owners. Our sales rep once again got his manager. We started the story again when he interrupted saying he heard us say that before and what did we want him to do about it. Getting increasingly frustrated, we asked if he could help us since corporate (the company he works for) placed us in a terrible hotel - how do we know all the Diamond resorts aren’t like that? He then said “Did I put you there” which we answered no so he said “Well it isn’t my problem then.” My husband said some choice words and walked out at that point (2.5 hours after we arrived without a resolution). I pointed out, again, that why would we pay the price they are asking after being placed in the hotel with cockroaches.

    For a customer service and sales company, I am appalled by their lack of service. All we were asking was to help us transfer our reservation from one hotel to the next. We were not asking for anything free or additional, just assistance. And, they still had the audacity to call later in the weekend to do another sales pitch.

    We were able to get transferred to a third hotel apparently owned by Diamond. It was clean which at that point was all I wanted. We will never be owners after this experience. Stay away from Diamond Resorts. I will never go to a Diamond Resort again.

    I’ll note that I would love to pass along this information to customer service but after multiple calls and asking every front desk of the hotels we were at, I was unable to track down a number.
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